Aleta Madden- Case 1 (The Mannequin behind the Glass)


Ava Kim

Chapter One

“Well,” the interviewer shook Aleta’s hand. “I believe you are fit for the job. We will send you an email regarding all the information about your starting date. Just sign this contract, and you’ll be good to go.”

Aleta took the contract and read it carefully. After thinking for a moment, she signed it and handed it back to the interviewer. She stood up, picking up her bag on her way out.

“Oh, and one more thing.” The interviewer walked towards Aleta and stuck his hand out once again. “The name’s Kaleb. Hope to see you around.” Aleta shook Kaleb’s hand again and left the room, excited for her first day.


Aleta entered the steep building for the first time. The sounds of chatter and conversations completely flooded her ears. She took deep breaths, determined to make a good impression. She walked into the elevator, where two others were. One of them was a stranger, and the other was Kaleb.

“Hey, is that you Aleta?” Kaleb tapped me on the shoulder.

“Oh, hey!” Aleta turned around, recognizing him quickly.

“Where are you heading?” the stranger next to Kaleb asked.

“Room 2G,” Aleta answered. “What about you?”

“Same!” she replied. “Oh, excuse me for my manners- My name’s Kimberly, but call me Kim. Your name is Aleta?”

Aleta nodded. Just then, the elevator doors swung open. Kim and Aleta headed out, saying goodbye to Kaleb on their way out. They walked together until suddenly Kim turned serious.

“Look, Aleta.” Kim paused in her tracks and turned to face Aleta. “I’ve got a serious case coming up. Some guy has been accused of attempted homicide in several areas, while he pleads he was being manipulated. His name is Paul. The court case is next Thursday. Would you mind working with me and another lawyer to work on this case? Cause, well, we need three lawyers?”

Aleta looked down, thinking deeply about this. Before she answered, Kim said, “I’m sorry, I understand if you don’t want to since this is just your starting day. It’s just… Kaleb told me your resume was really impressive, and it seemed like you had a lot of practice in college. And we also need a strong lawyer.”

Aleta looked up at Kim and noticed her worried face. “Kim, you won’t have to worry,” Aleta confidently decided. “I’ll help with your case.”

Kim beamed. “Awesome! Well, let’s not stall any longer. You’ve got a lot to catch up on.”