Should Students Be Able to Bring Phones to Class and Lunch?


Zivica Kerkez

Group of kids playing video games on smart phone after school

Abigail Reisberg, Social Media Content Coordinator

Pretty much everyone brings their phone to school and keeps it in their locker as we are not allowed to use our phones within school hours; some people believe we should have phones on us everywhere, and some believe we shouldn’t. In the school rule book, it states, “Students using cell phones and other electronic devices during the school day may have the electronic device confiscated and be subject to disciplinary action”  (Student rights and responsibilities, section 7). 

Many students have different opinions about phones in class. Theodore “Teddy” Korte says, “If there’s an emergency you should be able to have quick access to it.” In different ways, this could be positive, but Ana Fuiax says “if we have phones in class, it will have a negative effect on our school environment because if your phone buzzes or gets a notification during class time, it will most likely distract the class, and I would go and look at what it says and that is not very productive.”

In contrast to Anna, Dylan Reisberg thinks, “Having your phone on you would have a positive effect. You could forget some material for a class like your Chromebook, so you could use your phone. Your Chromebook could also be dead, and you could use your phone.”

Lots of students also have differing opinions about phones at lunch. Isabella D’Alessandro says “it is positive to have your phone during lunch because there is no teaching and nothing going on where it would matter to have your phone. This could be very agreeable to some, but Sadie Elbaum says “it would be a very negative thing to have our phones at lunch because so many of us are addicted to our phones already. Why spend more time on them while we could be hanging out with our friends?” 

Even teachers have opinions on phones in school, but the teachers that I have come across say it would be distracting to have in class or at lunch, and it’s not even necessary because if there is ever an emergency the main office will notify you. Generally, most teachers have unified opinions on this.

As there are different opinions on this specific topic there really is no answer because teachers have different rules and the school just does not allow it. It was also cool to see what others in our community had to say about this topic.