It’s the Holiday Season


Abigail Reisberg, Social Media Content Coordinator

2021 to some is almost over, and it is the holiday season, in my opinion it is the best time of year! As soon as mid-November, some Christmas trees are up, Starbucks holiday drinks are available, Christmas and Chanukah presents are being bought, the weather is getting frosty, and we say goodbye to fall leaves and pumpkin spice for the year.

Some forget there is still Thanksgiving because we’re so wrapped up in the holidays. The point of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for everything we have because you don’t know when it might just fade away. Next week, we get a five-day weekend to celebrate and to spend time with family. If you celebrate Chanukah, you would normally expect it to be mid-December, yet this year it starts sundown Sunday, November 28, three days after Thanksgiving.

As we dive into December, the last month of the year, everyone loves the holiday break. This year it starts after school Thursday, December 23 to Sunday, January 2nd. Get excited- it is only a couple of weeks away!

To everyone who bikes or walks to school, wear heavy coats and look out when it starts snowing. Go sledding or skiing when you can as it gets colder and the snow starts to come!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Chanukah, Merry early Christmas, and happy early New Year!