Kindness and Respect for Everyone in NSMS


Daniela Agustin, Science and Nature Editor

“Always treat others the way you would like to be treated!” We have all heard this term at least once, but have we actually paid attention to it? Everyone you meet has feelings and is just as valuable as others, it does not matter your race, the color of your skin, or your economic status; we all deserve kindness and respect especially in NSMS. When I first came into NSMS (October), I did not know anyone, but I did know that everyone here mattered and had a voice. I am very happy and grateful to be in NSMS because everyone here matters, cares, and learns. At the end of the day, we are all human beings; we shouldn’t focus on our differences, and we should unite and become one. I interviewed my friend and classmate Savannah Plosky about her opinion on this. Here are some questions I asked her and how she responded to these questions. 

Do you see people in NSMS being kind to one another? 

“I usually see people being kind to one another in NSMS, but usually never see people being kind and complimenting people they don’t know. I think this happens because people don’t know how their kindness will impact others.” 

Do you feel respected by your peers at NSMS?

I do feel respected and like I matter to other people by the way they treat me.” 

This article is a reminder that in this world and during this time we need to come together and be kind and respectful to one another. We have the power and the voice to stop racism and hate and I know we can do it NSMS!!