The Half Flaming, Half Freezing World: Saffar


Isaac Nisolo, Opinion Editor

Upsilon Andromeda B, or “Saffar” is another exoplanet, similar to Wasp-76B, the other exoplanet I wrote an article about. I might keep doing this because they’re really interesting. But anyway, “Saffar” is tidally locked to its sun, which means that one side is always facing the sun, and the other side is forever in its shadow. It is also extremely close to its sun, completing an orbit in just five Earth days. Upsilon’s “dayside” experiences excruciating temperatures of up to 2,912 degrees Fahrenheit, meanwhile, the nightside is at a constant freezing temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

These planets are extremely cool and interesting, and I recommend you do some research about exoplanets yourself. There are ones without stars, ones that rain molten glass, ones similar to Earth but filled with diamonds, just so many to discover! And keep in mind, we haven’t even explored one percent of our galaxy, which isn’t even one percent of all the galaxies, which is only four percent of the entire universe!

(The other ninety-six percent is made up of stuff scientists can’t see, detect or even understand.)

I will most likely make more articles about cool space stuff, like my antimatter article, and definitely make more exoplanet articles, because I think they’re really cool. But until then, go do some research for yourself, PLEASE.