Help, Words, and Strength

A Collection of Poems

Help, Words, and Strength

Eva Dominguez, The Writing River Editor

Part 1 – A Cry for Help


Such a simple word yet it leaves an acidic taste, 

A ringing in our ears telling us we are not enough.

Do we deserve this? 

Do we deserve the voices saying, we’ll never amount to anything?

Telling us we are not more than a speck of dirt on someone’s shoe.

But we must reach out to those we need, those who believe in us, those who will make the effort to help us.

Because what we do deserve is love, kindness, and all that lies between.


Part 2 – My Words

I am on land but I am drowning.

This room is full of people yet I am alone.

I look in the mirror but I don’t see me, I see a ghost of a person who goes through the motions.

Someone who can’t communicate how they feel.

But with my words, with my pen on paper, I can make them understand me. 

Understand who I am, through my characters, through my idioms and metaphors, through my stories.

Because who am I without my words?


Part 3 – Way Up High

Life is a rollercoaster.

And sometimes we just want to get off.

It makes our stomachs queasy and our heads spin in a way we can’t describe.  

But for every drop, there is a peak.

A point where we feel on top of the world like we could do anything.

We could be seen, even heard.

So why get off, why end it, when you could have it all. 

In those small moments,

Doing what we love, doing what makes us feel way up high.


Part 4 – Stand Tall, Stand Strong

There are moments when time freezes.

When the world stops moving, waiting for you to make your decision.

Will you stand or will your feet stay planted to the ground you know is safe?

But is it truly safe?

For the moment, maybe.

For you, maybe.

But for others, this does not ring true.

For others, this is the ground where they will break themselves down to nothing but dust.

So will you help?

Will you change the norms of today to what helps us all?

Will, you give us a community where we can,

Be who we want to be,

Say what we want to say,

Do what we want to do.

Because the only way to stand is to stand tall and stand strong.