Limerick Contest


Metta Pollio, Writer

What is a limerick? Well, a limerick is a 5 line poem that has a single stanza with an AABBA rhyme scheme and the subject is a short tale or description. In the AABBA rhyme scheme the last word in the A’s rhyme with each other and the same for the B’s. The placement of the A’s and B’s can vary depending on your rhymes. Most limericks are themed and tend to be comedic. 

The theme of our limerick contest is St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s An Example That I Wrote:

A: Today is St. Patrick’s Day!

A: I can’t wait to go out and play!

B: I want to find the Leprechaun’s Gold

B: For if I don’t find it, it will all be sold! 

A: Let’s go find it today!

Be creative and be sure to be original!  I hope you have fun creating your own St. Patrick’s Day Limerick For Our Contest! 

(The Deadline for the Limericks is St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th.)


Submit your Limericks on THIS Google Form.