Hooked on Horror- Who Can Scare Us the Most?


Ava Kim

What is Hooked on Horror?

Hooked on Horror is a fun contest that we host here on The Viking Voice newspaper. Some examples of some Hooked on Horror stories are…

It’s only two days, I thought. We never came back. -Joanna Kim

I heard footsteps coming from the other room; then I remembered that I lived alone. -Declan Daly

So, How Can I Submit an HOH Story?

You must submit a 2 sentence horror story (and yes, only two sentences) including a picture and your first and last name in order to make your submission count. You can submit your story by joining the Google Classroom code 5jvr6xs, and completing the google slides “Hooked on Horror” assignment. The due date for your submission is 10/31, and the winner of our contest will be announced in November. Last years winners were Lia Serravalle and Hannah Sadowski, and here is their story:

I always loved playing in the field with my brother; then I asked my mom what his name was.

She said I never had a brother.

Check out this link to a google slides presentation to see some more Hooked on Horror entries in the past years: Hooked on Horror Slides