Help Save the Women in Iran!

Help Save the Women in Iran!

Taheya Faruque, The call of help for Iran!

September, 16, 2022.

The date Mahsa Amini died. You must be wondering who she is? This is a woman who died brutally by police in Iran. Why? It’s because she wasn’t covering her hijab all the way. Iran has these Islamic laws directed to females from the age of 10 to older. Mahasa Amini was arrested in September 13. The police took her into the station to be “educated.” September 16, Mahsa Amini died. The police say she died of a heart attack, others say that she died from brutally getting beaten. All of this because her hair was showing from when she was wearing a hijab.

Please don’t think negatively about Islam. Iran is very incorrect for forcing these Islamic rules on females. They even enforce them on Non-Muslim or females who just come for traveling. I am also a Muslim. In Islam we strictly believe that wearing a hijab is a choice. We believe that it’s your relationship between you and Allah (God). Meaning that NO ONE should force you but can recommend it. Iran is taking it to the extreme to what us Muslims believe.

After the death of Mahsa Amini, the people of Iran were enraged. They started to protest against Iran. Some ways they showed rebellion toward the Islamic laws was women cutting their hair in-front of large crowds, people coming into police stations to protest, and burning hijabs. The higher roles in Iran are voting to execute these protesters.

Iran has already cut the internet. Nobody can post anything about all the issues in Iran. They even said they did this, so “bad exposure” can’t come out. The females in Iran need your help. So sit and think about how you can help and spread awareness.