Runaways Chapter 3 & 4

For those who are sensitive to death please do not read this chapter. Thank you :))))


Irene Vasilatos


Kelly’s apartment at 12:00 am,4 days before the bombing.


Kell- Can I ask you smth? Sent 12:00 am


Gabster- What     sent 12:01 am


Kell-  you didnt look okay the last time I saw you yesterday. Is u good?  Sent 12:01 am


Gabster-  yeah dw abt me 😉 sent 12:02 am


Kell- Ok just wondering-


Deep Inside I knew that he was lying to me. Something was going on. I’m his best friend. 

 But I understand that he doesn’t want to talk about it.  I guess it’s nothing bad; well at least that’s what I think- 




All night I wondered why he was like this. The next day Gabe wasn’t at work, and he left me with all the work at the cafe. It was a long and hard day, but luckily I made it through alive.  I felt like crap afterward. I jumped right into my bed once I got the chance. 

My heavy eyes were weighing me down, and once I closed my eyes, I got a text. Again. But it wasn’t from Gabe, it was from my father’s doctor. Come to the hospital now.


Kelly, in her car, at 12:30 pm. 4 days before the bombing. 


I sat in my car, tense, praying that it was all a dream.


Come to the hospital now 

Come to the hospital now

Come to the hospital now


I sped along the road, repeating those words in my head.  Please be ok, please… 

My phone rang.  What now? I looked at the number. Spam. I answered it expecting it to be a money-hungry “you won something!” bot, but when I answered, it was Gabe.   He was going to drop off something at my apartment, and I wasn’t there. “I’m sorry! It’s just a family emergency-” Gabe hung up. “Well, that’s comforting. ” 



I arrived at the hospital. I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and ran to the doorway. Before the nurse at the front could speak, I ran past her, looked through every window, and opened every door until I found my father. He was all I had.  Finally, I found him.  He was lying in bed, face as pale and grey as a ghost.  ” Ke-Kelly?” He gasped for air. “Dad, Please!” He lifted up his hand to touch my face. ” All my money goes to you- ” I looked at him in shock. ” I can expect that-” but before I could finish my sentence, he was gone. I tried and tried to wake him up, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to awaken him.

“Kelly, you should take the money.”  Gabe was standing by the doorway, looking at me with a soft smile.  ” He needs it, for treatment,”   ” Or for the bill.” The nurse stepped inside. ” $200 for the treatment, $350 for the amount of destruction you caused, and $780 for the technology used.  The total is; well you get the idea. ”  I turned to my father one last time.   I gave her the money.

I couldn’t believe it.  My father was dead.  My best friend is lying to me about something.  And I am broke. Yay.

But when I lost all hope, Gabe gave me an envelope.  Shyly I opened it, not expecting something unusual. But I was wrong.  inside was a check for $1,000. I was starstruck.

“Gabe you don’t have to -”  but before I could finish my sentence, he grabbed my hand, and we left the grief-lit room.