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Tigers World 4
Tiger's World 4
April 8, 2024
Tigers World 3
Tiger's World 3
March 19, 2024

Nyx (two)


Beth got up crying and ran back to the mansion in her deep red heels she bought to match with a white dress. Jason looked at me scared and with tears in his eyes. He knew too that what he did, was a mistake. 

The next day, me and Jason were tied to a wooden pole. We had our necks tightly tied, so if we tried to move, we’d choke. Our hands were also tied, but we were close enough to hold hands. I saw Beth with fake tears running down her face. When she saw me looking at her, she smirked. Then she tapped Mr. Clarisse.

“I love you, Jason,” I said. I knew what would come next. And it would be slow, and painful. It took him a while to say

“I love you too Nyx.”

Then, Mr.Clarisse struck the match.

So I’m dead, in a fancy ball gown and with bandages everywhere I got burnt. 

Before I could finish my thoughts, a figure appeared. It was draped with dark fabrics like the night was hanging off his body.   When it came into the light, his face triggered another memory. About my father. My real father. 

“ Hello Nyx.” said my father.

I stared at him, remembering little about my time with him. The only thing I remembered was him dropping me off at the man….sion. 

“YOU… How could you…..” I screamed. I was so infuriated that I started to cry. 


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