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May 27, 2024
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May 6, 2024

Nyx (3)

I have SO MUCH MORE to post, but I have to edit it first ;-; Feel free to comment on this post! I don’t mind suggestions :D ALSO BEFORE U READ: NO SPOILERS OKAY? Like I hate when people do that. So, don’t comment spoilers >:/ Also: My friend, Olivia Bhudhu is editing this story as well. Thank you Livvy!

 My father came up to me with his arms outstretched. I knelt to the ground in my gown. 

“Oh… You remember…” 

Of course I remember, it was one of the worst days of my life! I remember it vividly. I was with my father in my old home. A castle with dark tile and purple decorations everywhere. It was my 3rd birthday. My mother, the queen, just died. I was eating my cake when my father went away to get me my present. Little did I know I was backstabbed. My father, my own father, wiped my memory and showed me in the box with only the bear my mother gave me. Then he sent me away.

“Oh!” Said Ms.Clarisse. “ What a beautiful… girl.” She forced a smile. “We’ll take good care of her King Hadesi. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

Hades… my father’s name. He wasn’t the god who was stuck in the underworld, but he was so dark and gloomy all the time that I thought of him like that.  Death.

Hades’ arms were wrapped around my body, firm, but gentle. He knew my burns still hurt.  He clearly was trying to make up those 15 years. 

“Im…..Sorry.”  He looked at him with his cold purple eyes. His tears only glazed his eyes and the death beneath the glazy coating.

Then I realized. If my dad was the king, then that must mean I’m the…

“Princess, yes.” Hades seemed to be reading my thoughts. “ You, Nyx are the princess of the Underworld. I shouldn’t have sent you away. I was only trying to protect you, you see?”  I broke down in laughter. 

“ Protect me? I burned to death on a wooden pole while you sat there and did nothing! Probably sippin’ wine and getting drunk!” 

His face hardened. He looked at my soul when he said this.

“ I watched it. I watched you burn. I watched you hold hands with the Thomas boy. I saw you get abused by The Clarisses. I saw it all.”

 Then, I knew why his face was so melancholy… He saw my life and my death. The whole enchilada. 

“Oh,” I looked down. I kinda felt bad. A little.  Hades looked me in the eyes as if saying no more mushy stuff, let’s get to the real stuff.  

“ Let me show you to your room princess.” He smiled. 

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