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May 27, 2024
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May 6, 2024

Nyx 4

sorry for late upload i will try to be more consistent :)

We could hear the echo of our footsteps on the dark tile. I remember this place. I realized my shoes were black boots. They were a little dirty, but we’re alright with me. As we passed, the maids and butlers bowed to us. I wasn’t sure how to react, so I bowed back.

We got to my room. “Here are your sleeping quarters. Your assistant will be here in a moment.” Hades waved and left.

What a room, I thought. In the center of the room was a bed with deep purple covers and my bear. To the right was a wardrobe with gowns of more colors than I have ever seen. The giant windows around the room brought in the view from the outside. There was a garden with beautiful flowers that glowed with a white aura. There was a tree with a swing and a small pond beside it. 

“H-Hello? Princess Nyx?” A woman came in through the door. She was fidgety, as if nervous I would hit her like how I am-no was, I said to myself. 

“Oh, hello!” 

“I will help you dress for the royal dinner tonight!”

Royal dinner? So like, a dinner, where I get to sit at the table and talk with others? Do I have to go to that? What if they shun me from the table as a servant again? 

I didn’t realize the girl was talking to me. “ How about…..this blue color hmm? It will look nice!” 

I stared at the monstrosity of a dress before me. The deep blue frays on the inside, while white is on the outside to balance the color. It gave the dress an “under the sea” type look. “What if we tweak it a little bit?” I suggested.

A little was an understatement. The ocean blue dress went from floor length to knee length. We added black ruffles on the bottom and on my sleeves. We cut the dress where my stomach was to show off my bandages. I put on a black crown of flowers. The woman did my hair into a messy braid with gold flower petals. I looked at myself. 

“Oh yeah.” I said, but I was impressed, “That’s perfect.”

Down the stairs, I went. My black heels clacked on the dark tile. Jaws dropped. Fingers pointed. Eyes widened. I was the very center of this dinner. I wasn’t used to it, so, naturally, I freaked out. I sat down at the table, which was large to accommodate everyone, and slowly looked around—no sign of Thomas. 

Then, down the stairs, he came.

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