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May 6, 2024
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April 8, 2024

Nyx 7


The castle’s walls collapsed and fire spewed forth from all the windows. I grabbed Thomas, scared of it; the red hot heat that radiated from the plants. Our burns started to well, burn once more against our skin. Thomas’s warmth turned into bitter cold, despite the heat, and his soft skin turned rough.

“We have to get out of here!” I whisper-yelled to him. We creeped away from the rock giant thing and dashed for the castle.


After everything stopped burning, Thomas and I took a quick tour around the place and stumbled upon a conversation between a maid and what seemed to be a grass creature. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Said the maid. Then I realized that that was my lady in waiting. The grass creature grabbed her apron, and covered it in smaller, regular rose size thorns. “The slimy prophecy children!” He sounded like he was talking to a six year old. “ WHERE IS THE G-I-R-L AND THE B-O-Y?” Bella replied, “ Well listen here, and listen well because I’m not repeating this again: I DON’T KNOW.” The grass creature looked at Bella in disgust. “You ratchet girl.” The creature with Bella in its claw-hands, threw her by the collar of her dress which made her land across the room into a bust of my father. Who knew a little thing like that can chuck a grown woman across a room? You learn something new every day.

Thomas grabbed my wrist and pulled me into an old library. He put his finger over his lips to keep me quiet. Despite the situation, his hands were now warm and soft again, and I felt suddenly sleepy.

Inside, it looked like this library has not been used in ages. There were spider webs dangling from each nook and cranny of the bookshelves. There was dust caked on every table, book, you name it. it. I looked around to see books crammed in every shelf, on the

floor, and on top of each other. Clearly whomever this library belonged to, they were not interested in cleanliness.  

Jason tapped me on the shoulder. “We should stay away from that short thing. He clearly knows what he’s doing.” As Thomas explained, I nodded in agreement, though still dazed.

Looking around, it looked like an old cathedral. Velvety curtains hung from the window tops. They had gold lace designs on them, and they sparkled in the sunlight.  The light of the falling sun makes Thomas’s blond hair shine. I looked into his glittering eyes, thinking how life would be without him. 

We continued to look around the library. I started to see the beauty in this place. 

Then in the corner of my eye, I saw an emerald green book with gold designs on  a dusty almost broken table. 

“ Hey Thomas, come here.”

He grabbed the book and brushed off the dust. 

“It has no title…” He picked it up. A small, brown piece of paper fell out of it.

“My mother’s handwriting,” I said. “I’ve seen my mother only once, and I remember a card she gave me when I was younger. It said something about… something important about a situation oddly similar to this one.”

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