Amanda Gorman’s Poem


Eva Dominguez, Staff Writer

This poem really touched me. I remember watching it for the first time during English and thinking wow. The things we can do with the words, move mountains, and open doors they said were locked. I feel so blessed to have been able to listen to her poem. Amanda Gorman has touched my heart and millions of others. One of my favorite lines is when she says “the norms and notions of what just is, isn’t always justice.” She portrays this idea that we are not bound by who others think we should be but by who we think we are. We have overcome many challenges together as a country. We may break into a million pieces but I guarantee you we will put ourselves back together piece by piece. We are one big family, a nation of brothers and sisters. We may not realize it but we know deep down that if one of our sisters or brothers needed us we would be there. When we come together we realize who we are. We are one; so I thank Amanda Gorman for reminding us why we are here. For change, for revolution, for justice, and most of all for each other.

Click the link below to watch Amanda Gorman recite her poem!