Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement

John Skamagas, Staff Writer

In 2016, The Paris Agreement, an agreement created by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), was made. It was put into place in order to lower the amounts of methane and other greenhouse gasses, so we can have a more environmentally friendly future. As most of us know, pollution is becoming more of a problem every day. But with many people trying to prevent global warming from getting too uncontrollable, our future might not be ruined.

The way the Paris Agreement works is by stopping over usage of greenhouse gases all around the world. This would overall make Earth’s atmosphere contain less carbon dioxide that is harmful to both animals and humans alike, and also prevents heat from the sun being trapped and causing overheating. Both help make the world more sustainable for life.

Even though it is called the Paris Agreement, there are many different countries that participate in it, trying to help the ecosystem In fact, the only continent that has no countries participating in the Paris Agreement is Antarctica. Recently, America joined the Agreement! With all these countries lowering greenhouse gasses, there is a good chance that global warming would cease soon.

The Paris agreement is doing their job this very second. However, you can still help them. Preventing greenhouse gasses is just one way to ensure the safety of our planet, not the only. Recycle your water bottles. Throw out only compostable items. Don’t drive your car if possible. Do whatever you can do to help not just the Paris Agreement, but our planet.