Quarantine Diary

Quarantine Diary

Maddelyn Ford, Contributor

Day 1 – Leaning from home is impossible, I don’t know how to navigate

Day 2- Still Hard. Still don’t know how to navigate

Day 3 – Easier to navigate, annoyed about homework

Day 4 – Got all school work done by 9:20 am

Day 5- Very easy, almost all assignments for that week done

Day 6 – Became hard again. Too much work

Day 7 – Last day of online school. Very annoyed with homework

Weekends – Very sad about not being able to see friends.

The first day of online school was so hard. I had no idea what to do or what to start. Since I did not have periods to rely on or teachers to help, it was practically impossible.

The second day was not that hard but it was still hard. I had an idea of what to start on but the hard part was, I did not know what was in classwork vs. things that they posted for the future or if it was homework.

The third day was a lot easier. Many teachers did not post new things, so I kind of had an idea about what to work on but not a lot. I was also very mad about homework because I thought it was just too much work to be doing at home.

The fourth day was very easy. I got all my work done at around 9:20 a.m. All I had to do was wait for all the homework to be posted, so I could work on that. But instead, I had to do the new work that was posted after 9:20.

On the fifth day, I almost finished all the assignments I had due that week. I got lucky since they did not post anything new. So the only thing that was left was homework.

The sixth day had become very hard again. Too many new things posted, things I did not know that I had to do.

The seventh day was very exciting. It was going to be my last day of online school. I wrapped up some assignments and finished my homework. I was ready to go back to school.

The weekends were very hard since I could not have sleepovers or do anything with my friends which was very hard for me.

I would say overall, home learning and quarantining was very hard. For school, I had really no instructions on what to do other than the ones on the homework and the assignments. What I really liked about it was a different perspective than being at school, with pros and cons.