The Happy Horse

The Happy Horse

Abigail Monte, Staff Writer

Horseback riding is one of the things that I love to do most. It makes me feel free, but the main thing I love about riding is that horses are amazing animals. They are smart, strong, and have feelings too. If you love a horse, it will love you right back.

Horses feel their feelings AND yours! They can feel all the same feelings that you can feel. You can have a great bond with your horse if you care for and spend time with them by grooming them, riding them and also just talking to them.

Horses will show several signs that they like you and are happy. For example, if a horse lets you pet them on the face and nose then they like you. Also, if they come up to greet you, they rest their head on you, nudge you, are relaxed around you, show you respect, or breathe on your face, these are all signs of a happy horse who likes and trusts you.

If your horse doesn’t have a good bond with you there are several things that you can do. For one thing, when you think about happiness, most people think of love, attention, health and food. So make sure you give them plenty of hay or grass every day to keep them healthy as well as freshwater so they don’t get dehydrated. Stick to a routine, give them turnout time and introduce them to new foods gradually. Another way is to give your horse a friend. It does not even have to be a horse! Horses can be friends with different kinds of horses and other animals that are at the barn.

Remember, exercising your horse keeps your horse healthy. Make sure to not overfeed your horse. And last but not least, horses love to be social! So when they’re in the barn, try to use a stall guard instead of a solid door so they don’t feel trapped or lonely.

This should be more than enough ways to keep your horse happy and love you. Overall, just make sure you love them. If you love them, you will care for them, and a healthy horse is a happy horse! Happy riding!