Gun Violence

Rise in Gun Violence, Buying Guns, and How it Affects People

Sofia Hesseltine, Staff Writer


Gun violence. What do you think of when you hear that? Violence is when you harm/kill someone or many people using a gun. The Second Amendment allows people to buy guns which can help cause gun violence. A rise in gun buying has happened during COVID. People started buying more guns because they believe “everything is shutting down, like in a zombie movie” where society “just won’t have any sense of lawfulness anymore.” When President Biden encouraged people to stop buying guns, some people’s reactions were horrible. Mr. Lowder, a retired brewery worker and truck driver who had come from Lenoir, N.C., to buy an AR-15 said “When you’re told you can’t have something, the first thing you want to do is get it.”


More importantly, kids all over the world are affected by gun shootings. Unfortunately, a child is shot every hour; over the past decade, roughly 30,000 children and teenagers have been killed by gunfire — recently eclipsing cancer as their second-leading cause of death. Unintentional injuries, such as those caused by burns, falls, or drowning, are the leading cause. This does not account for kids who saw their best friend get shot in front of them who now need mental help because they saw someone they knew.


Gun violence is such a big topic that I cannot cover everything, but I encourage you to do more research on your own!