New Student’s First Impression of NSMS


Savannah Plosky, Local News Correspondents

Below is an interview with Daniela Agustin. She is a 6th grader who just joined the North Shore School District this year. The purpose of this interview is to capture a first impression view on NSMS and North Shore School District, without any bias. There are positives, negatives and a different opinion that you may not have. I think this demonstrates that everyone has a different idea and I hope that the results help you see with a different perspective. Thank you Daniela for being so honest.

How is your experience at NSMS?
I think that NSMS is a place for you to learn but also have fun and do lots of activities and clubs.

Do you feel like you are adjusting well?

Yes, I really like it and I made friends rather quickly. However, I am a little behind on work academically, but my teachers are working hard to catch me up and are doing an excellent job.

What is your opinion on NSMS?

I think that NSMS is a very organized and a really good school and it has lots of academic support and clubs for kids who want to do more.

What would you like to see change in the future?

I would like temperature checks when coming into school.

How do you think this will affect NSMS?

This will make it safer because you can tell us what temperature a kid has in the morning. This will tell us if the student has a fever. Fever is one of the most common COVID symptoms. So if a kid has fever, they may have COVID and if there are no temperature checks, this student may be exposing other students to COVID.

Do you think other people will agree with you?


Why or why not?

I don’t think students will because they want to be more free and worry less and less about being safe with COVID. They want to feel more normal like we used to feel before COVID.

Would other people not agreeing with you stop you from sharing your idea and perspective with others?

I don’t think it will affect me because everyone has their opinion and everyone is different and feels different. I feel like I can still share my opinion with others knowing they can agree or disagree with my opinion.