Storm Warning!


Avery DiMeola, Science & Nature Editor

Storm warning! Flash floods! Hide in your basement! The news can definitely be dramatic sometimes. But some of the things they say are true. Think about all the pictures of trees falling on houses and cars. That’s actually the topic  I would like to focus on.

Trees can cause so much damage during storms sometimes. But is it really the trees fault? No. It can be the storm sometimes, but did you know, most of the time it’s the tree’s owner’s fault? Some people find their tree is dead and leave it. Or see that their tree needs pruning, and don’t lift a finger. The main reason trees come down in storms is actually because pruning is needed. Pruning is like giving the tree a haircut. It doesn’t hurt the tree, but helps it. And it will help your neighborhood too. All of the dead spots on a tree will crack off easily. All it needs is some wind and a decent amount of rain. And remember, it isn’t the trees fault.

Whenever you get a chance tell your family to call a professional and save yourself the trouble of picking up fallen branches the next time a storm blows in and raise awareness in your community!