The Shortage of Gasoline in Haiti

Isaac Nisolo, Opinion Editor

Gas shortages in Haiti are assaulting the nation’s economy.  This hits especially hard for Haiti, the poorest country in the entire Western Hemisphere.  About 40% of Haiti’s workforce have lost their jobs.  In case you don’t know, Haiti is a country bordering the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

The shortage does not only affect transportation.  Anything that needs fuel to work, for example, a frozen goods distributor, (a freezer needs fuel) is getting more expensive.  All of the products that people sell that use fuel in the making or distributing are getting more expensive since the fuel used to make or distribute the products are getting rarer.

The main reason for this shortage is that gangs control the ports where the fuel comes in.  The gangs do not allow people to retrieve the fuel without paying them a large fee.

In conclusion, a shortage of fuel in Haiti is spreading to many different areas of their economy.  This is especially sad, considering that Haiti is an extremely poor country.  I hope that this will be fixed, and hopefully, you do too.