Oil Spill in California


John Skamagas, Science & Nature Editor

Global warming. A major problem we have been both fueling and trying to put out. This battle of ourselves and the planet against ourselves has been going on for years, if not decades. However, there are also several other notable incidents that affect the environment. A prime example of this is a recent oil spill in California.

Earlier this month, people noticed there was a leak from an oil pipe at the Coast of California. Several thousands of gallons of oil have been released onto the coasts. Like most oil spills, this caused the sea life that is living on these coasts to be severely harmed due to how dangerous oil can be when in contact with or consumed.

While the cause of this is unknown, many believe that a ship’s anchor hit the pipe. The impact caused by it might have caused the leak. While it might have only bent the pipe, the anchor could also have possibly punctured a hole in the pipe, causing the water to be filled with its contents. Other entirely different inputs could have caused this incident, but this one is one of the more likely.