“To Live a Life”

To Live a Life

Eva Dominguez, The Writing River Editor

To live a life is to live it well, 

To breathe,

To blossom,

To be healthy, 

and wealthy,

To live life to its fullest.

But what does it mean to live life well?

I’ve asked and I’ve asked and said,

“Please Tell!”

But they only reply,

“You can answer that yourself.”

So I’ve grown and I’ve grown.

I’ve listened and spoke,

I’ve watched and I’ve done,

I realize the answers is not simple,

Nothing ever is,

But I’ve come up with something to fulfill my wish.

To live life well is,

To laugh,

To smile,

To speak gentle words,

To love, 

To remember,

To cherish,

To be grateful, 

To believe,

To lead and to follow,

To be a star in the dark.

So shine bright, 

and remember,

To live life well.