Save Nature at NSMS

Save Nature at NSMS

Savannah Plosky, Staff Writer

In a perfect world, animals and plants are treated with kindness and respect. In a perfect world, nature lives like humans do. I’m sure you can agree with those statements.

What if I told you that some people don’t care as much about nature as they say they do? We have a lot of nature in our school. We have a wonderful pond in the outdoor garden. Beautiful fish swim around in it all day. It is their home for all their life.  People throw rocks, pencils, pens, and other objects into the pond. What if someone threw poisonous items, as big as you are, into your home. How would you feel?

Last year, the Organic Gardening Club planted 500 tulip bulbs. Most of them failed to grow because of people stepping all over them. Plants and animals are being harmed by the actions of people. Please save nature at NSMS. All it requires you to do is think. Think before you act.

Earth Day is always, as long as you act with respect because of the kindness in your heart and not the words that someone speaks or the date on your calendar.