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May 27, 2024
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The Land of Karmen

My name is Bry Rostock, and I live in the city of Kenmark in the Land Of Karmen. Today was like any other day. I woke up, ripped another day out of my calendar, changed into my clothes, brushed my teeth and went downstairs for breakfast. My Mum was fixing breakfast for me and my little sister Calyvin (pronounced Calvin).

Today was the final day of school, and I was excited. I would be moving up to 6th Grade and Calyvin would be going into 5th grade. I packed my lucky bag, and walked outside. Mum waved and yelled “SEE YOU AT 10:30!” (Today was a half day, and school ended at 10:30 on those days.) I was walking up my street when Markey Holitzer jumped in front of me and said,

“Where are you going, Bighead? (He always calls me Bighead. I do not have a big head)

I tell him: “I’m going to school” “You Dweeb! Do you LOVE School?!?!” He shouts at me, his tail wagging. (Markey’s a Dogen, a type of anthropomorphic dog that lives all over Karmen.) I run past Markey as he shouts “Bry is a dweeb! Bry is a dweeb!” I shook the encounter off of my mind and ran to the school.

Kenmark Middle School is located off of Stocks Street, its two stories, and is located on the second and third floor of the Stocks Building. (The first floor is a Dance Studio, which Calyvin attends on Sundays at 3:40. She’s in the Third Grade at the elementary school)  I jumped up the stairs two steps at a time, speeded through the third floor, and crashed into Mr. L’s classroom. As usually, Mr. L is roasting his breakfast with his fire breath (Mr. L’s a Dragono, A human-like Dragon.)

He sees me and says “Bry! You’re the first kid here today! You’re usually the second-to-last kid to come in!”

The next kid to come in is Markey, his black splotch on his chest is gleaming like always.

“Hello, Bighead!” he says to me.

“Markey!” Mr. L belted, “That’s not nice!” Apologize to Bry now!”

“Sorry, Bry” Markey tells me, I know he doesn’t mean it. Then Alix, another Dogen and a friend of mine walks in and sits down on her desk, which is next to mine.

“Hey Bry,” she whispers to me.

“What do you want to do after school?” I whisper back: “How about after we leave school, come over to my house.”


“YOU DON’T WANT AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION!” We both stop talking instantly. More kids start to pile in the door, I see Dougie, an ogre, Ana, a werewolf (werewolves don’t change when the moon is full, they either transform is one parent is a werewolf or you’re always a werewolf if both of your parents are one, she always is a werewolf.) Max, a Liger, Bob, another Dragono, Luchia, a witch, and Stevie, an anthropomorphic cow.

As soon as all the kids sit on their desk, Mr. L said, “Good morning class! As you know, today is our final day of 6th grade together! Today, we will be making slime!!” The class cheered. Mr. L made partnerships, I was with Alix, Luchia was with Bob, Ana was with Stevie and Max, and like always, Markey was with Dougie, who I think he doesn’t like. Mr. L put down this paper on each desk. The paper read this: 


                            HOW TO MAKE SLIME! 




                              You need: 1), Borax and 2), Glue

  1.                    Mix the Borax and Glue thoroughly
  2.                    Volia! You have slime!



       Me and Alix followed the directions and it really did make slime! Every partnership made slime, except Markey and Dougie. (I actually saw Dougie put his OWN snot in the mixture. Ogres are gross like that.) Mr. L stated: “You can use the food dye to color your slime!” As soon as he said that, EVERY kid got up and grabbed the food dyes that were set up on the back table. I managed to get blue and orange (Me and Alix’s favorite color)  and I tore apart the slime and we both dyed our slime.

Markey and Dougie got “Dimer Grey” and “Blackest Night”. The bell finally rang and everyone piled out of the room. I look back and see Markey yelling at Dougie about the slime. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but seeing Dougie cry made me not go back in the room. I met up with Alix and we walked out together. We walk through Kenmark and see something in the sky. “It’s a dragon!” Alix shouts, looking at the sky. “These are rare nowadays.”.

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