The Viking Voice Wins a Silver Crown!


Photo from Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Metta Pollio

From Wednesday, March 15th to Friday, March 17th, members of the Viking Voice attended a convention at Columbia University to accept a Columbia Scholastic Press Association Award for their newspaper. During the convention, they attended several classes to improve their websites such as Photo Storytelling, The Process of Content Creation, and Onsite Critiques. They also got to meet newspaper or yearbook staff from all across America. On Friday afternoon, they accepted a silver crown for their newspaper! 

You might be wondering, what is a silver crown award? 

To answer your question, gold and silver crowns were presented to newspapers and magazines alike to recognize overall excellence in student publications. Entries were compared against others by age and experience levels to determine if they were receiving a silver or gold crown. The newspapers were judged last year. 

What did the Viking Voice members learn about at the convention?

The Viking Voice members learned lots of things at the convention. They learned about how to make their newspapers more interactive, and how they could improve on certain things. It was college and high school level workshops. The conventions took place all around Columbia University campus.

Is it possible to get another one next year?

Yes! The Viking Voice may win an award next year. Since the judging takes place in the year before the ceremony and conference the judging could be taking place right now! If the Viking Voice won an award, they would receive it next school year.