Wordle: The simple game that everyone’s playing.

Wordle: The simple game that everyones playing.

Isaac Nisolo, Opinion Editor

Wordle.  This surprisingly simple game has gained exploded in popularity quickly.  A whopping 14% of adults say they play Wordle every day.  This game got so big the NEW YORK TIMES bought it for $1,000,000.  This game came out back in October of 2021, but it didn’t start gaining much traction until 2022, and now it’s virtually everywhere.  If you somehow don’t know, Wordle’s premise is very basic.  Every day there’s a different mystery five-letter word.  You try to guess this word in six tries.  If the letter you picked is not in the word, it turns gray.  If it’s in the word but in the incorrect spot, it turns yellow.  And finally, if the letter is in the word AND in the right spot, it turns green.  You have six tries to guess the word correctly.

Yep, that’s it.  How has it become so popular?!  It’s so simple!  Well, I believe there are a number of reasons why this game of such a simple premise has millions of players addicted.  First and foremost, you can only do one Wordle a day.  This might seem like an annoying gimmick at first, but when you think about it, if you were able to do as many as you want, the game would quickly get boring.  Also, it would impact the second reason why it’s doing so popular, the social side of Wordle.

If Wordle was different for every person, or you could do as many as you want, you wouldn’t be talking to people about today’s Wordle and how it was super difficult, or very easy.  Not only does this enrich the experience of Wordle for players, but it can also add new players to the fanbase.  Since so many people play Wordle, so many people are constantly sharing and socializing their amount of tries, which therefore means that so many new people are joining Wordle every day!

If you have not played Wordle yet, I highly encourage it.  It’s a lot of fun and is a great way to socialize with friends.