North Korea launches “test” Missals over Japan!? Next World War!?

North Korea launches test Missals over Japan!? Next World War!?

Olivia Silvestrini

Missals were Launched over Japan.

It was 7:22 on a Tuesday morning when the missal flew through the sky frightening many citizens. All were advised to seek shelter. Missals have become more and more common in Japan now. There have been more than 23 missals launched from North Korea to Japan since January of 2022. Citizens are frightened, living in a world not knowing whether it was an attack or a test.North Korea fires third ballistic missile in less than a week - World - Business Recorder

“‘You can’t ever get used to that sound,’ said Kazuyuki Tsuchiya, age 72, who runs a small village inn on Hokkaido, the Northernmost Island of Japan. It makes me feel so scared.'” – By: Motoko Rich and Choe Sang-Hun; New York Times.

The question is, what kind of wicked person would do such a thing? and why would they? According to a writer in The New York Times, that missal was heading toward Guam (a small American territory in the Western Pacific). Apparently, North Korea threatened to attack it five years ago. Could this be North Korea’s Warning to us? Could there be a world war 3!? Will North Korea continue to send threats and or attacks?

The New York Times states that after President Donald J Trump launched his missal near North Korea, they’re going to launch one at us. They’re basically trying to get even with us. These missals are capable of delivering a nuclear attack. The New York Times also states that North Korea is trying to make wedges in the U.S.A and our alliances. If North Korea Accomplishes this we could be defenseless when an attack comes our way. This could result in a world war. So watch out. Just try to think of them as warnings. The worst thing for us to do right now is to launch another missal to them. We need to let the heat cool down. Better buckle up folks, these next few years will be something to remember.