Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

Eva Dominguez, Writing River Editor

Life, you are a mystery, 

but also a joy.

You lift me up;

you hold me down.


You give me hope, the faith I need to carry on.


Life you are a miracle, a wonder — quite the sight to behold!

Though how you came about is yet to be told.


I love the way you move on,

The way that with a loss 

something comes anew.

Like someone’s last words, to a baby’s first cry:

you leave and you begin.


I love your ups and downs,

The way you change from person to person.


Life, you are fleeting!

Like a feather, you bend in the wind so close to breaking yet still you stand.


You are a celebration!

Bright lights and colors, love and joy.


You are goodness!

You hold everything I cherish in the palm of your hand as I work to keep those things safe.


You are destiny!

You are something pre-determined, something laid out, yet you can be changed at the drop of a hat.


You have done more for me than I could have imagined, more than I could ever know.


So I love you, more than you’ll