The Thing That Will Absolutely Destroy Almost Anything


Isaac Nisolo, Opinion Editor

The Thing That Will Absolutely Destroy Almost Anything You Can Name (including yourself) with the Slightest Touch.


You, me, whatever you’re sitting on, your pet, your entire house, the sky itself, gone. Absolutely nothing left, except a giant burst of energy.

What could do something so insane, so unbelievable? The answer is simple. Antimatter. You know that just about everything is made of matter (the obvious exceptions being light, fire and electricity). Antimatter is the exact same, except for one small detail. It could make you, a glass of water, your entire house, THE ATMOSPHERE, and not be any different to the naked eye.

But, on a molecular level, every electron in every atom in everything wouldn’t be an electron at all. It would be what we call a ‘positron,’ an electron positively charged instead of negatively charged. Same with all the protons in your body, they would be negatirotrons- or whatever.

All matter (including gas, so the air around you) if it comes into contact with antimatter, they will get destroyed, each atom destroying each other. If there is a perfect balance between matter and antimatter, nothing will be left (like if you add a negative number and a positive number, 4+(-4), the answer would be zero. If there is even a slight imbalance, the one with more atoms will survive, leaving the amount of imbalance still there. There could be a whole galaxy of antimatter out there, but we could never get there, because entering even the atmosphere of one of the planets would cause every atom in your body to explode into pure energy.