A Shout Out To All Service Animals Around The World


Avery DiMeola, Science & Nature Editor


Service animals can sometimes go unrecognized for all they do. Some people even fake disabilities or lie to the doctor to get a service animal! By reading this article you are recognizing how much these animals help! Thank you!

There are three types of service animals.

The first is the most popular. Just a service animal. These animals help owners that can’t walk, or have loss of eyesight, etc. They are allowed everywhere, and anywhere with their disabled owner. A service animal can be a dog or small pony.

An emotional support animal is an animal prescribed by a doctor to someone that deals with emotional disabilities. They are allowed on flights, in the cabin, and apartments and hotels with no pet policies. Anywhere else, the owner must get permission from the manager of the store. These animals can vary from birds, to dogs, and everything in between.

A therapy animal is like therapy using animals. It kind of says it in the name. They are not allowed to go anywhere with no pet policies or on airplanes. These animals are usually dogs but can be other animals too.

Now that you know so much about these amazing animals, you can get an idea on how much these animals help people!