Homecoming for Vikings


(11th graders, Nicholas La Rosa, Peter Liotta and Reece Ramos)

Marcus Fortugno and Dimitrios Apergis

Vikings Win at homecoming against the Lawrence Golden Tornadoes!

Vikings  38-24  Golden Tornadoes

Pre-game At NS High School                           

It was a beautiful, cloudless Saturday,  October 16, 2021, to be precise.  Everyone checked their calendars and to their surprise today was homecoming. It was 1:00 and oceans of people were sitting on the bleachers waiting for the game to start.  At about 1:30, the players marched on the field to start doing their stretches.  At 2:00  the game began.

 The Game 

The kickoff started with the Golden Tornadoes receiving the ball. Shortly after, Viking player number 22 intercepted the ball making the crowd go wild. Then after the Vikings scored the first points when a player ran into the end zone for a touchdown. David Berlin kicked the ball for the extra point. The kickoff happened. Eventually, the Golden Tornadoes would score but the kicker, Angelo Quintanilla would miss the field goal. It became a back and forth game between the Golden Tornadoes and the Vikings. The Vikings would get lady luck on their side, taking the lead. However, the Golden Tornadoes were not quite done yet and would score multiple touchdowns including a kick/punt return touchdown by Jared Alexander. On the final play of the game, player Patrick Godfrey of the Vikings would get shaken up and be taken out. The Vikings would win 38-24.

After the game, me and my co-writer Dimitri Apergis got an exclusive meet with players Nicholas La Rosa, Peter Liotta and Reece Ramos. Nicholas La Rosa said  “We knew it was a weaker team but you have to play like how you always play.”

“Never give up,” Peter Liotta.

“Always work out in the gym when you get to high school” Reece Ramos.