Ms. Gibbs: The newest art teacher at NSMS


Sofia Tulumello, Arts & Culture Editor

Recently, we’ve had a new addition to the teachers here at North Shore. As many of you know, Mrs. Shea left our school on January 28th, 2022. Students have been anticipating a new art teacher since then and she has finally arrived! Ms. Gibbs answers all of our most asked questions in a very candid interview.


Q: When did you decide to become an art teacher?

A: I would say the first year of college when one of my professors, he thought I had the personality to be an art teacher and the passion for working with others.

Q:Why did you want to teach at North Shore?

A: So I wanted to teach here because I heard it’s a really great district, and a  great school, especially the middle school which seems to be true so far. Everyone seems really nice!

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: I would say my older brother, Bryan.

Q: Tell us something about yourself.

A: I guess one thing about myself is that I’ve always been an oil painter; I do a lot of landscape oil paintings.

Q: What drew you to becoming an artist?

A: I mean a lot of things drew me to becoming an artist. I naturally always just really loved drawing and painting since I was very young, and I always remember coming home from school when I was in elementary school and middle school and I would immediately have a little snack, and watch Bob Ross on TV. He was a big influence when I was little and he kind of taught me things that I needed to know to learn how to paint.

Q: Is there a quote that you live by?

A: I’m a big Led Zeppelin fan, a classic rock band and there’s this one song with the lyrics: “There are two paths that you can go by but in the long run there’s still time to change the road that you’re on.” I like to live like that because you never know which path or which way life is going to take you and sometimes you just need to go with the flow in life.

Q: What is your teaching philosophy?

A: So, my number one teaching philosophy-well maybe not number one but I like to tell my students that there’s no fear in experimenting and trying new things in art class.  I also feel that to have a meaningful education in art, it can help students to find new ways of expressing themselves and to develop a sense of individual accomplishment.  I like students to feel confident in themselves, and to feel like they are accomplishing something meaningful in their life.

Q: How are you liking it here at North Shore so far?

A: I am really liking it here so far at North Shore. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and very friendly, and easy to talk to which makes it easy and better to adjust to being in a new school.

Q: What is your favorite art medium?

A: My favorite art medium right now would have to be oil paint. I kinda always have liked oil paint, but I find that oil paint is my favorite because it is the easiest and the best for blending. I’m all about blending my colors and layering to create and build texture.

Q: Anything else you want readers to know?

A: Something else I guess I would like readers to know is that I am a big fan of music. I love to see live music; I love all different genres of music from classic rock to 90’s rock. I also am an avid hiker; I love hiking mountains. There are some really great hiking trails on the North Shore. I love nature! Yeah, music and getting out in nature. These are the things that I am interested in, these are my hobbies and yeah I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone here in the district.


I can say that on behalf of the student body, everyone is excited to see the contributions that Ms. Gibbs makes to the North Shore middle school community.