The Battle of the Tacos: Soft Shell vs. Hard Shell

The Battle of the Tacos: Soft Shell vs. Hard Shell

Stella Cashman, Social Media Content Creator

The battle between soft-shell and hard-shell tacos has been going on forever. Which one is better?


Here are some reasons why soft shells are better:

Soft shells are the original taco shells. Tacos started as Mexican food, and the Mexicans used soft corn tortillas. Soft shells are also not as easy to break. Hard shells sometimes just crack and fall into pieces the minute you eat them while soft shells usually just rip a little bit if you pull too hard or fill them up too much. Let’s say you were putting some lime juice on your taco, or the meat was a little too saucy, soft shells would be easier and better because if you get hard shells a little wet they aren’t really hard shells anymore, and once they get a little wet, its game over.


Now here are some reasons why hard shells are better:

Some people prefer the crunch of hard taco shells. There is also more of a variety of hard taco shells. There can be different flavors such as Lime, Blue corn, White corn, Takis, Nacho cheese, and many more! Hard shells also provide a crunch, and if you don’t feel like having tacos, but you want nachos, then you can break your hard shell into smaller pieces. Hard shells also keep their shape. so you don’t need to worry as much about your taco falling apart if you set it down on your plate.


Personally, I think that soft shells are better because although they are softer if you really wanted a crunch in your taco, you could add something like lettuce into your taco to give it a crunch. Soft shell tacos are also more authentic Mexican food. In my opinion, they taste better than hard shells.