Eva Dominguez, Staff Writer

What are we doing just standing here?

Living in fear,

Not standing up for what is rightfully ours.

Hiding in the shadows

letting them be stars.

Who will dedicate her life to make the futures of those who will come after us brighter?

This is not a topic to discuss.

This is the beginning of us.

The invisible become visible.

We are stars waiting for evening.

We won’t stay silent,

We want change and we want it now.

It’s coming whether you like it or not.

It’s coming to turn dusk to dawn,

sunset to sunrise,

night to day.

Because we are what we make ourselves out to be.

We are committed.

We are strong.

We are confident.

We are done being silenced.

We are ready to have our names in lights.

We are ready, shining bright.