“To Not Care”


Eva Dominguez, Staff Writer

I’m angry.

I’ll admit I’m a little scared.

But after this I have every right to be

Sometimes it doesn’t feel as safe,

As right as it should feel

No longer a community,

Or a family

the bubble of protection has burst and we’re finally drowning

Helpless yet hopeful with things we can change

But it’s hard

To stand up, to speak up

Because we care too much

About what others will



Or think.

I Don’t want to care and I know you don’t want to either

Don’t want to care about who you talk to or hang out with

Don’t want to care about their gender or Race

To be who we want to be

To say what we want to say

To do what we want to do

To not care

‘Cause we’re all human

Remember that.